Presentations 3rd meeting and 2nd summer school

Welcome address
Dr Alain Dollet, CNRS, & Prof Claude Guet, NTU
Prof Monika Woloszyn & Prof Christophe Menezo, LOCIE, Université Savoie Mont-Blanc
Lecture 1.“The mineral resources energy nexus: dynamic modeling of needs and supply at the global scale”
Dr Olivier VIDAL, CNRS, ISTerre, UGA
Lecture 2. “Organic Materials for Next Generation Renewable Technologies: What’s Possible?”
Ass. Prof Leong Wei Lin, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, NTU
Lecture 3. “Circular economy approach in the field of plastics”
Dr. Daniel Froelich, Arts et Métiers- Paritech
Lecture 4.“Scalable Framework for Holistic Optimization of District Cooling Systems”.
Ass. Prof Arvind Easwaran, School of Computer Science & Engineering, NTU
Lecture 5. “Novel photovoltaic mechanisms”
Ass. Prof Nripan Mathews, School of Materials Science and Engineering, NTU
Lecture 6. “Organics and biomaterials for batteries”
Dr Steven RENAULT, IMN, Université de Nantes-CNRS
Seminar 1. ” SCARCE: a French-Singaporean program on Circular Eonomy”
Dr Jean-Christophe Gabriel, CEA Grenoble
Seminar 2. “Sustainability Challenges for “Waste to Energy” Segment”
Dr Farouk Tedjar, ERI@N, NTU
Seminar 3. “On the inertia of future renewable dominated power systems ”
Ass. Prof Tang Yi, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, NTU
Seminar 4. “GIS and BIM for City Energy Management”
Dr Catherine Gauthier, GEOMAP – IMAGIS
Seminar 5. “Biomimetic and Bio-inspired Materials”
Ass. Prof Yu Jing, School of Materials Science and Engineering, NTU
Lecture 7. ” Liquid Air as Novel Zero Emissions Energy Vector: an overview from techno-economic perspective”
Ass. Prof. Alessandro ROMAGNOLI, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, NTU
Lecture 8. “Material resource efficiency in new technology for energy”
Lecture 9. “Perovskite solar cells – A perspective on materials and challenges”
GdRI topics review
Topic 1.
Smart Grids and Power systems-1
Smart Grids and Power systems-2
Nouredine HadjSaid, G2Elab, Grenoble INP
Prof. Choo Fook Hoong, ERI@N, NTU
Topic 2.
Energy storage-1
Energy storage-2
Mathieu Morcrette, LRCS, CNRS & Olivier Joubert, IMN, Université de Nantes
Topic 3. Wind and Marine Energies
Narasimalu Srikanth, ERI@N, NTU
Topic 4: Photovoltaics
Nripan Mathews, School of Materials Science and Engineering ,NTU
Topic 5: Green & Smart Buildings
Christophe Ménézo, LOCIE, Université de Savoie Mont-Blanc
Yann Grynberg, ERI@N, NTU
Illustrative presentations
Presentation 1: “Perovskite : How to reduce toxicity”
Biplab Ghosh, CEA
Presentation 2: “Inertia Design of Inverter-dominated Power Systems”
Subramanian Lalitha, NTU
Presentation 3: “Colloidal semiconductor quantum dots A theoretical study”
Tan Nguyen, NTU
Presentation 4: “Enhancing M 3d – O 2p covalency via metal cation substitution for boosting oxygen evolution reaction on transition metal oxides”
Duan Yan, NTU
Presentation 5: “Optimization of District Cooling Systems”
Chiam Zhonglin, NTU
Presentation 6: “Urban solar production in a context of city densification”
Benjamin Govehovitch, CETHIL
Presentation 7: “Indoor Air quality and cognitive health–a study in the tropics”
Shmitha D/O Arikrishnan; NTU
Presentation 8: “Let there be light! Illuminating the Future with Perovskite-based Light-Emitting Devices”
Nur fadilah jamaludin , NTU
Presentation 9: “electrolyte ceramic material BCZY: conventional vs cold sintering process”
Kawther Thabet, IMN
Presentation 10: “The role of chemistry at the interfaces of Perovskite Solar Cell (PSC)”
Bening Tirta Muhammad, NTU
Wrap-up and Concluding remarks
Prof. Subodh Mhaisalkar, ERI@N, NTU, Dr Alain Dollet, CNRS, & Prof Claude Guet, NTU